Westpac Trust Stadium, Wellington, 2015

The original pricing for this project called for the replacement of the existing 3m diameter x 15m long fibreglass tank at a depth of 8m. Pricing was well over the Stadium Trust budget so a suggestion was put forward that we could build a smaller steel pump station inside the existing one at a reduced cost.

To do this because the structural integrity of the fibreglass tank was compromised we filled the tank with clean water and divers installed structural supports so the tank could be pumped out and a new tank built inside.

This contract involved building two temporary pump stations out of existing manhole, fabricating steel sections for the pump station building a cradle for it to sit on, joining it together with Amex-10 seals and backfilling the void inside the existing tank with concrete.

This project won the NZ Contractors’ Federation Wellington/Wairarapa Branch award.